We're Awakening

life update ‘n thoughts:

  • planning for a road trip across california circa spring break
  • currently directing two fashion shoots
  • midterms midterms midterms
  • getting paid to write other people’s essays
  • it’s raining 
  • and I don’t own an umbrella
  • went to lunch with a friend + had a veggie sandwich
  • basically saw all the people I have mild crushes on throughout the duration of today oh no
  • might be interning this summer with the gender resource center (!!!)
  • slowly saving up money for tattoo #2
  • had coffee with a bunch of brilliant artists
  • nude party this weekend
  • and getting way stoney starting tonight


Hi friend you sound like a really solid and cool person. Don’t overthink things. Grades are important, but they aren’t everything. Just do you - that’s what I did. I’m definitely not nearly as smart in comparison to so many of my colleagues; I’m just really passionate about stuff, and I try not to let the fact that I honestly suck so bad at math or science stop me from going places. I think if you stay true to what you love most about life, then you’ll end up someplace great no matter what. 

And if it just so happens to be here, please please please come say hi.


the best part about being a girl is kissing other girls

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I think all human beings are beautiful creatures, and that “value” is a subjective concept that really varies from each individual. It’s not something you can define with words alone, nor is it a quantitative concept. Rather, I think you demonstrate how you personally value a particular person by the way you interact and exhibit love towards them.

// wait ahh I’m sorry that was actually kinda long-winded and messy. I guess what I’m trying to say is, everyone is super rad in their own individual way. Do we really need to define people any further than that?